Suzanne King Randall  

Artist Statement
Being an artist is being a micro-business. Finishing a piece is not the end of our process. It’s important to think where the art is going, and then market it. Scheduling solo exhibits is how Ms Randall accomplishes this in different venues around the state and country. “I like to continue scheduling and facing new challenges with deadlines ahead. There is always something new and innovative to learn and explore in art. Oddly I’ve become fascinated again with realism or at least my expression of it. It’s important to listen to your subconscious ruminations to complete circles of evolution. I follow, I trust and I play with creativity.”

The alchemy of painting expands vision of the direction. Performing the art, bending shape, line and color to her advantage is part of the total process. “Continually challenging myself is what keeps my work fresh and full of life. I’ve progressively become more active with gradual light changes and less detailed in order to make the expression felt rather than seen. Expressionism is where the thrill of creativity really matters to me. It is accomplished in a rapid, spontaneous manner. An artist must explore and evolve.” In 2008 Ms Randall began revisited working in oil to emphasize her deep love of dramatic color. Adapting oil to her spontaneous style has created another evolution of process.

Before my show in May with Istvan Gallery I began playing with resins; I found them to add new dimension to my work. The May exhibit included a few “Remnant” pieces and several of the new resins pieces that show will ran for 2 months. Currently Suzanne has been moving to a new location “down-sizing” bringing new energy to the studio is all an interesting and fun challenge. “Developing the resins further along with some new techniques is occupying my creativity outlet lately. It’s all about the process; the enjoyment, the brushstrokes, and the willingness to set myself free to wander through the colors.”

New work may always be seen by appointment at the home/studio – email:

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