Suzanne King Randall has been an award-winning artist for over 30 years, largely due to her personal motivation and dedication to creativity. Teamed with education and inspiration, she has been able to meet each challenge of materials aggressively. Her career in art has evolved through many levels as she gained expertise in each medium. Ms Randall has personal experience in retail as well as teaching; owning and building her art supply business she conducted and participated in many workshops for ten years. Over the span of her career Ms. Randallís work has encompassed a following from around the country. She further expanded her career experience by scheduling solo exhibits in popular venues and galleries. Many repeat collectors continue to be loyal as the work evolves; a testament to her dedication to quality of her art.
  Paintings & Mixed Media
"The Shield"   "Taking the Veil"
"Peru"   "Didgeridoo"
"Natives"   "Little Birds"
"Ethiopia"   "Exotica"
"Cherry Blossoms"   "China Gold"
"Castenettes"   "Chanting in the Sudan"
“Eskimo”   "Breastplate"
"Sundowner"   "Pulp Fiction"
"Poppies"   "On the Way to Santa Fe"
"2 Mules For Sister Sara"   "Homestead"

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